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Fetching Single objects in Rails Applications

Fetching Single objects in Rails Applications through Active records   While creating a web application in rails we often feel the need to fetch single objects from the database.  Active records provide us with a very good quer...

Deleting documents in solr collection

Deleting documents: Suppose, you have collection with the name of demo and you have indexed your file in the server in this collection but you want to delete all the documents or some of them, then it is possible by two ways: Deletion by So...

How to select second highest salary from a table?

This question is asked a lot in interviews, so here some of the methods by which one can get the second highest salary of an employee from a table. Suppose the Employee is like this ID Name Salary Table: Employe...

Compression and Decompression in SQL Server 2016

In the upcoming version of SQL 2016 a new component of COMPRESS and DECOMPRESS T-SQL functions is added. SQL Server 2016 provides built in functions for compression and decompression.The COMPRESS and DECOMPRESS functions can store and retrieve da...

Case Sensitive MYSQL select query

Case Sensitive SQL query A select query does not performs case-sensitive query which means if the user name is pravesh, Pravesh, PRAVESH then it will select all users using simple select. Below example of normal mysql select query - SELECT...

Creating xml from SQL query

This blog will show you how to create an xml from sql query having sql data. Write down the followng query to generate xml:- WITH XMLNAMESPACES ('' as phr) Select OrderResultID,OrderID ,PatientID ,SpecimenNum...

Delete duplicate row in table

You can delete the duplicate row without using the temporary table. You can use the self join concept. Suppose we have person table contain 3 columns named id, name, and city. INSERT INTO person(id,name,city) VALUES (1,'a', 'aa'), (2,'b','b...
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