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Discussion on install and setup GitHub on Ubuntu

Hi Reader's, Welcome to FindNerd, today we are going to discuss on install and setup GitHub on Ubuntu. If you want to install git and setup GitHub on Ubuntu, Then firstly you have to update apt-get. You can follow below command $ ...

Github: How to add files to git repository via command line

This blog will help you to understand how to add files to your git repository: Step 1: Move the files into local directory which you want to upload to Github that was created when you cloned the repository. Step 2: Open and change the curre...

Github: How to install and setup Github on Ubuntu 14.04

Install Github First update the apt-get package lists with this command apt-get update then install git. $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install git Now git has been installed on Ubuntu, lets setup git. How to set up Git No...

How to add Volley in Android Studio?

In 3 basics steps,you can add volley to your project:   Step 1:First, you need to get the Volley source code: Use Git to checkout the source code for Volley, preferably to the filesystem where your Android project lives. git cl...

Top 10 Git commands that every body should know

Some of Basic commands: git init : To create/initalize a git repository git clone : To get a copy of existing Git Repository git branch : To check the current branch on which you are git checkout -b "new branch name" : Create a new bran...

Cloning github repository in windows system

Hi All, I needed to clone one of my password protected repository from git into my windows machine. I googled it and found lots of help but I would like to wrap up things in very basic level. 1: You must have git account and repository whi...
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