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How to Add Events to iOS Calendar in Your iPhone Device

To add an event to iOS calendar we need to access calendar of the iPhone without accessing calendar we can not add events in iPhone.   For accessing iPhone calendar we have to ask for permissions first. Here permission means allo...

Easy trick to add an Event in the System Calendar using Swift 3.0

The EventKit framework allows the applications to access the calendar on iOS Devices. However, before accessing the calendar, we are required to import EventKit framework in our controller.   import EventKit   To add event...

Events and emitters

Node.js comes with lots of core modules one of them is events module. We use EventEmitter in node js to create custom events and to react those custom events. It is something similiar as jQuery events:- element.on('click', function(msg) { ...

Event Emitters in node js

Event emitter in node js? Event Emitter is a class that is in event module. Event emitter simply allows you to listen for "events" and assign actions to run when those event occur. If you are familiar with front end development then...

How to disable the text select in browser with demo?

If the user doesn't want his content to be copied or only want the other user to read it. He can use the following code of lines to disable the selection of text in the browser. <div style="-moz-user-select: none; -webkit-user-select:...

Create and trigger event in Node.Js by EventEmitter class

EventEmitter Class in Node.JS: In Node.js we can create event and trigger them. With Node.JS we just start our server, declare our function and then bind them with event and fire. First we load the events module which is part of the Node.js...

Liferay: How to create Custom Action By Hook?

We can modify Liferay JSP, services, properties by using Hooks. One of the main use of Hook is we can implement our Custom Action. So what is Custom Action? When you see in your liferay source code. You will see there...
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