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How to avoid adding emoticons in android edittext

If you don't want to allow users to add emoji in edittext then below few lines will be helpfull for you. This method will return blank string while typing any similies/emoji in your editext. public static InputFilter EMOJI_FILTER = new I...

Methods to monitor android EditText

If you have to perform certain tasks before, after and during the text changes in android EditText the following methods will help you to monitor your operations. Implementing the Textwatcher interface provides the callback methods listed below, ...

Trick to change text color inside setError method of EditText?

If you want to customized the error message of EditText than you can simply use the code given below. Using below code you can declare your edit text // Declare your edit-text. EditText editText=(EditText)view.findViewById(; ...

How to detect Android Softkeyboard

When user hits the BACK-Button on his android device, the keyboard disappears. How can I catch that event? In order to track softkeyboard is open or not, this tutorial is helpfull for you, and you will easily dissmiss the softkeyboard by pressing...

Automatically move to next edittext in android

Hi, In android, we have TextWatcher interface to keep track of input that we are typing. Usually it is very useful when we need verification on the basic of text length and content also. It has method onTextChanged(CharSequence s, int star...

How to change the theme or highlighted color of EditText

In order to change the theme or highlighted color of EditText do the following steps:- 1) Create colors.xml file inside the values folder (if you don't have) and then declare colors <color name="ColorPrimary">#4484F6</color> <...

Solution of EditText font in password mode

When an EditText is in password mode, It looks that its font is different. When we change typeface in xml , It dosent work. There is a solution : We should change it from java like this <EditText android:id...
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