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Benefits of Top 3 IDEs for PHP Web Programming

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. An IDE is a software application used by programmers for code development and debugging. It increases programmer productivity. The best IDE comes with a number of features and services to develop...

Error: javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext cannot be resolved to a type

Running a Maven web project in eclipse was giving errors on jsp pages: javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext cannot be resolved to a type javax.servlet.jsp.JspException cannot be resolved to a type The server was running fine, even the project w...

Maven Run Configuration to run project within eclipse

In this example, we'll see how to configure Maven to run a project on tomcat withing eclipse. It is sometimes too hard to manage the Maven project with the commands. Each time we code the project in IDE like eclipse and go to the terminal/cmd...

Which Code Editor is Best to teach PHP?

So Friends, There are such a variety of decisions out there nowadays with regards to composing PHP code. Here are only a couple of prevalent IDE: Notepad++ NetBeans Superb Text Dreamweaver jEdit Eclipse What's more, there are...

Auto completion not working in eclipse

Eclipse has a behavior to suggest the list of methods that can be used with the class name or the instance variable of any class. This behavior works fine for few of the Java classes but for some other classes like DesiredCapabilities,etc., eclip...

How to configure maven in Eclipse?

Maven can be configured in two ways in eclipse. Ist method: Open Eclipse Goto Help >> Install New Software. Enter the URL " "in Work" with field and press enter button. Select m...

Optimize memory with MAT

We know that Garbage Collectoris a program that automatically removes unwanted data held temporarily in memory during processing. Android also have its own garbage collector but this is not always guarantee all the times so we can't ignore heap ...
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