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Dropdown Menu using PureCSS

Dropdown Menu is used where user has to show list of items for example in selecting countries and state name or finding this list of any latest technology , movies or it should be anything that gives us option to do a choice. This dropdown menu a...

Handling dropdown in Capybara

Handling dropdown is very easy in Capybara. Here we do not have to create the object of Select class and the select option through Select class object. We directly have to pass the option value which is to be selected to the desired location. ...

Bind Dropdown using AngularJS

Hi All, This log will help you to bind data to dropdown/html select control using AngularJS. Data is populated using webmethod. <select ng-options="Country.CountryName for Country in CountryList" ng-model="selectedCountry"> </se...

How to select values from dropdown in Selenium

Value can be selected from the drop down, using the "Select" class: Select sel = new Select(driver.findElement(By.xpath("xpath_of_dropdown"))); sel.selectByIndex(index_of_value_to_select); OR Select sel = new Select(driver.findElemen...
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