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Iterators and its usage in ruby

In Ruby, iterators are methods basically used by the collections. Collections are a set of objects. Hashes & Arrays are the example of collections. Iteration is a process by which we can get or set the elements in collections. We will discuss...


Below is the list of basic MONGO DB commands which a user can start with : 1) To list all the databases show dbs Example: > show dbs admin (empty) lo...

HashSet Class

HashSet Class: It extends AbstractList class and implements List interface. It uses hashing technique to store data. It contains only unique elements. We can use HashSet class by importing java.util package. Example: import java.util.*...

Iterator in Java

In collection, there would be many situations where we need to retrieve the collection elements. Example, we need to show each element. For these situations Iterator is the best solution. How it implements :- First iterator comes to start p...

Sorting an ArrayList by date

From here you can learn how to sort an Array List of a particular data type by one it date component. :- By calling the method below you can easily sort your array list. The format you put inside the SimpleDateFormat method is the format of...
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