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Capybara method equivalent to findElements()

In a web-application, we may interact with every element having some unique xpath or css. The elements were easily located with its attributes but the problem arises when each element in a list have same attributes.   Lets suppose we h...

Capybara get css attributes value

While testing an application many times we get some testcases where we have to check the value of CSS attributes. Suppose we have the following cucumber step:   Then(/^The month section should have a grey background$/) do   @page...

Capybara get element attribute value

Many times we have to test the value of any attribute. With the help of find method, we can only locate the element but cannot get the value of all attributes of that element. So, to get the value of any attribute we have to give the name of that...

Capybara Test if string is a number

Many times we have a situation when we have to test the value of a web-element is a number or not. If the web-element stores the value in integer format then we can easily check that whether the desired element is number or not but suppose i...

Handling dropdown in Capybara

Handling dropdown is very easy in Capybara. Here we do not have to create the object of Select class and the select option through Select class object. We directly have to pass the option value which is to be selected to the desired location. ...

Clicking on links or buttons using Capybara

Capybara provides some methods to navigate the application through links or buttons:   Click_link_or_button Click_link Click_on   Capybara do not uses the fixed strategy to locate elements. It uses its own “best ...

Difference between Capybara find() and fill_in() methods

Selenium is an open-source browser automation tool. So, while automating any functionality first we have to locate the element. Capybara provides two methods to locate elements:   find() fill_in()   Let suppose we have an...
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