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before_save And after_destroy callbacks in Rails

Sometimes while developing applications, need arises that we have to get some operation performed either before or after the execution of some method. For these purposes rails provide us with some nice hooks or we can say callbacks which can b...

Callbacks in node.js

The basic idea behind using callback is that if we are doing a task and it is taking a longer time to complete. So instead of waiting for this task to be complete we want our node server to process other incomming request.In such situations we ca...

Callback methods in Cakephp

Hello readers today we will discuss on callback methods in cakephp. These methods are very simple and easy to use. In MVC architecture  C stands for controller. Controller is used to manage the logic around a single model. Controllers can...

What is callback hell?

Callback hell is the nesting of callbacks that is one callback inside another. Callback hell is very bad thing in nodejs, you should always avoid it.   To avoid callback hell you can: 1) Break callback into individual function 2)...

Rails Active Records Callbacks: Part 1

Hi friends, Whenever you create,save or initialize an object there are so many things available in rails that are called Callbacks or Hooks. They can be used as checks between on stage of the object to another. In this chapter I am going to ex...

error-first callback in node.js?

If user pass errors and data then we use Error-first callbacks .There are two argument in callbacks. first argument is always an error object which is for to check if something went wrong. and we use additional argument along with this paramete...

Delete long running resources at onDestroy() in Android

Our Activity do most of the cleanup function in onPause() and onStop() callbacks. But Sometimes some resources leaks memory like long-running services, background threads.This usually happens when we dont closed it properly. So we need ...
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