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NetworkReachability Listener in Alamofire

Alamofire provides a method to check network status reachable on WWAN, Ethernet and wifi. The NetworkReachabilityManager class provided by Alamofire listens whenever there is a change in network. It can be used to determine background informat...

How to download data Using NSOperations and NSOperationQueue

Hi Readers, It is sometimes required to download files or images from server into local. We can perform these tasks by NSOperation and NSOperationQueue efficiently. The basic idea is to create each download operation separately and add these o...

How to cancel all request from Alamofire

Hi Readers, If you are using Alamofire framework to implement API service classes and you need to cancel all the request which are fetching data from server. You can use following Swift code snippet: if #available(iOS 9.0, *) { ...

How to send a request with parameters in Alamofire

Alamofire is HTTP networking library for iOS and Mac OS X, which is written in swift. Alamofire is based on NSURLSession,but it make network code much easy to write. Following function is available in Alamofire.  .upload  .down...

Send a request using Alamofire in swift

Use the alamofire in swift first install the pod file in your project using below steps: 1- open the terminal and run following commands sudo gem update --system sudo gem install cocoapods pod setup change folder to the current proejct ...
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