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Smoke Vs Sanity Testing - Advantages and Differences

Smoke and Sanity testing both are bit mystify topics in Software Testing, So in this tutorial, we will see the Difference and Advantages of both Smoke and Sanity Testing.     Smoke Testing: It is also known as build...

Smoke Testing v/s Sanity Testing

Smoke Testing: is use to find issues in the early phases of testing and is performed after software build to discover that the critical functionalities of the program is working fine. It is executed “before” any detailed functional or...

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is a software testing technique which is performed by the test team whenever a new build is received for testing. The main objective of this testing is to check if the section or code of the application is still working with a mino...

Types of Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing Testing the basic and critical features of an application before proceeding with deep rigorous testing is known as Smoke Testing. In Smoke Testing we only test the positive flow of basic and critical features of the application,...

Sanity Testing and it's Need/requirement

Sanity Testing in Software development term is a type of software testing, which determines whether the testing of software is required and fair or not, it also provides swift, wide and little in depth testing process. Sanity testing is similar t...

Sanity Testing

Sanity Testing- Sanity testing is used to test that our application or major functionality is reasonably fit or working fine. It is performed when developers wants to know the quick status of the product after doing changes in the code to fix ...

Smoke Testing And Sanity Testing

SMOKE TESTING Smoke Testing term came from the Hardware Testing. Like in hardware testing, Tester Check whether or not it Catch fire and smoke. Same as in Software Smoke testing tester check that the main functionality of software is working f...
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