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Functional Testing


IOT Testing

The Market got the revolution now a days, the revolution of hand held device. Smart Watches, Personal Computer, Home devices, Home TV, Etc all connected with Internet and are operated by hand hold devices like mobile and tablets. So, IOT “I...

Differences between Functional Vs Non-Functional Testing?

HTML Tables Functional Testing Non-Functional Testing Functional testing is performed by utilizing the practical detail/specification given by the client and verifies the framework against the useful necessities/requirement...

What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing checks that every Function of the product/software application works in conformance with the requirement determination/specification. This testing mainly includes black box testing and it is not worried about the source code of...

Functional Testing

Functional Testing: Functional testing is mainly used to verify that a S/W application validate and functions perfectly corresponding to design specifications.Functional testing is used to check the application functions menu functions, text i...

Unit Testing

Unit testing is done by the developers team before the aplication is verified/tested by testing team i.e, execution of the test cases. Unit testing is performed by developer on the specific unit of source code assigned.The test data used by the d...

Functional Testing

What is Functional testing? Functional Testing is a QA process and is a type of Black Box testing. Functional Testing is mainly used to verify whether a piece of software is providing the same output as required by client or end-user. Functiona...
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