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Event loop


Event loop in Node.js

In all the event driven programming, there is a main loop that listen's the events, and then invoke the corresponding callback function whenever one of those events occur. Here we might get confuse between events and callback, But the di...

What is javascript engine?

There are several different implementations of javascript engines by far the most popular engine is Google's V8( Which is not only limited to client side but also with the server side with NodeJS). But what is actually does? It's actua...

Node.js Event loop

The event loop in Node.js works or runs in a single thread. That shows the application developer the code he/she will write that will be checked on a single thread. There are n number of threads which node js uses itself through libuv. But we don...

Event Loop in node.js?

As we know that , Node js is a single threaded application but it also support concurrency based on concept of event and callbacks. Every api that we are doing using node.js are asynchronous and single thread,node js uses asynchronous fu...
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